Resources available for communities affected by mining.

WMAN + Resource Media Webinars Information

In partnership with Resource Media, WMAN offers training on environmental advocacy and organizing, media and communications skills, and leadership development. In 2021-2022, Resource Media webinars included:

  • Media Relations how-to's: get in the news like a pro;
  • How to write a press release;
  • Storytelling for organizing;
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Issuing solidarity statements;
  • Communicating Science/Translating Science;
  • Instagram 101 (combined with Message Development for Millennials and Gen. Z);
  • Twitter as a tool for advocacy;
  • Podcasting 101.

With Network members, WMAN also hosts skills training on the technical and legal aspects of mining and a Hot Topics webinar series to share community stories, while the Indigenous Caucus provides resources to tribal leaders and staff, non-profit community groups, and frontline community members fighting the impacts of mining on or near their territories and homelands.

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IEN-WMAN Grassroots Communities Mini-Grant Program

The IEN -WMAN Grassroots Communities Mining Mini-Grant Program distributes over $200,000 per year in $4,000 USD grants to Indigenous communities and non-profit grassroots organizations across the U.S. and Canada. Our goal is to give at least 50% of the Mini-Grants to Indigenous communities.

Applications open January 1, May 1 and Sept. 1. Grant Deadlines for submission are Feb 1, June 1, and Oct 1.

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WMAN North American Network

WMAN unites over 400 individuals, communities and organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Our website shares a list of our North American participants, their locations, websites, and contact information.

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WMAN/IC/Uranium Listservs

Join the WMAN, Indigenous Caucus, or Uranium listserv to share and receive mining-related news, resources, community updates, ask for sign-ons/support, and to ask questions of mining scientists and technical experts. Contact to sign up or visit our signup page.

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Find-An-Independent Mining Expert (FAIME) Database Project

This database will assist communities facing mining by providing contact information of scientific/technical/legal mining experts, making these resources more accessible. The IC is providing Indigenous experts in the development of this database which will be fully launched in summer of 2023.

Preliminary access to the database is available at the following links:

Training: Diversity/Inclusion

Taking a stand against racism — making the connection between resource colonization. Utilizing the 2019 Declaration on Mining, developed by the Indigenous Caucus of WMAN, we seek to address racism, undertaking a WMAN-wide training that will: help us look at and understand systemic racism, how we enable the current system, what we can do to understand our own racism/isms, how we can work together in a way that is supportive and shares power, and build-in/up WMAN policy that will uphold the Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing.

Indigenous Caucus Declaration with Jemez Principles.

Mapping Environmental Justice Zones

The environmental justice atlas documents and catalogues social conflict around environmental issues. You can view additional information here or view the maps by clicking the links below.

EJ Zones map in Canada
EJ Zones map in the U.S.A.

Looking for a local resources?

The WMAN Network members may connect you with local resources to help your community.

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