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Protect Land

We protect mother earth and her elements for future generations.

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Stop Mining

We strengthen community-based efforts to protect the environment and human health from the negative impacts of mining.

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Build Community

We offer resources to communities who are most affected  by mining.

WMAN works to protect the communities, land, water, air, & wildlife that are threatened or adversely affected  by mining in North America.

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October 12-16, 2022 Reno, Nevada at the Grand Sierra. Thank you to our host Reno Sparks Indian Colony.

WMAN Indigenous Caucus (WIC)

The WMAN Indigenous Caucus is a powerful alliance of communities working together to protect our land, air, and water.

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IEN-WMAN Grassroots Communities Mining Mini-Grant Program

In partnership with the Indigenous Environmental Network, WMAN offers grants to Indigenous communities and non-profit grassroots organizations across the US and Canada. 

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WMAN North American Network

WMAN unites over 400 individuals, communities and organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

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We believe in the exponential power of community networks to create positive change.

WMAN was founded in 1997 to unite communities impacted by harmful mining and extraction and to hold companies responsible for repairing and restoring our land and water. 25 years later, and our work is needed more than ever.

Protecting water, land, & the communities from mining

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200k in 2021

We’ve made our communities stronger by investing over 200k in minigrants to grassroots community organizations in North America.

400 Participants & Counting

WMAN unites over 400 participants & community groups from across the U.S. and Canada.

Centering Indigenous Voices

WMAN supports Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

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