WMAN hosts caucuses, or subgroups, comprised of organizations and individuals who voluntarily collaborate to share ideas, resources and strategies on issues and/or geographic regions of common interes

Great Lakes Caucus

The Great Lakes Caucus is comprised of WMAN participants that surround the Great Lakes, in  the U.S. and Canada. The Great Lakes provide clean drinking water and recreation for millions of people and our work collectively protects these fresh water bodies from mining contamination and addresses mining in the following states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York and Minnesota and to the north in Canada: Ontario and Manitoba.

Indigenous Caucus

The Indigenous Caucus asserts our own Indigenous natural water laws and standards and to initiate a National and International effort to have water recognized as a spiritual entity essential to continued life on Mother Earth, hold corporations and government agencies accountable to clean contaminated water, and strengthen and maximize the WMAN Indigenous Caucus voice to protect Mother Earth by holding regular face-to-face meetings of the Indigenous Caucus to advance our overall goals.

Southwest United States Caucus

The Southwest Caucus is comprised of members of WMAN from the following U.S. states: NM, AZ, UT, CA, WY, NV.

Uranium Caucus

The WMAN Uranium Caucus is a group of individuals and organizations in the US and Canada whose work in focused on, or addresses, uranium mining and milling operations and their impacts to the environment and the health and safety of workers and communities.  Members share information, alerts, and opportunities for public comment; collaborate; share resources; and provide mutual support.  The Caucus has an e-mail list and monthly calls.  

Connect with a WMAN Caucus

If you would like to become connected with any of the WMAN caucuses, please contact info@wman-info.org for referral to the WMAN Steering Committee member leading that caucus and, if desired, to be added to that caucus’ electronic list serve.

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